Physical Education Resources

Don’t Forget Your Whistle!
Physical Education Activities for Young Children
Peter Meaney (Ed)

The authors of Don’t Forget Your Whistle! have created a fun book that reflects the needs of today’s teachers and students. The book provides the basis for an exciting physical education program.

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Classic Yard Games
An Instruction Manual for Parents, Teachers and Children
Garry Powell

Young people are used to instant entertainment at the flick of a switch or the push of a button, so some children can find it difficult to entertain themselves without electronic assistance. Classic Yard Games can remedy this and help to make children self-starters.

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Classic Indoor Games
An Instructional Manual for Parents, Teachers and Children
Garry Powell

This book was developed for the same reasons as Classic Yard Games. It helps to promote the following areas: motor skills, body co-ordination, hand-eye co-ordination, perception, intellectual flexibility, socialisation, teamwork and independence.

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Fundamental Motor Skills and Literacy
Motor Skills and Literacy through Rhymes and Chants: A Resource for Infant Teachers
Lee Anton-Hem

Fundamental Motor Skills and Literacy is an innovative and engaging resource combining the teaching of critical formative skills in the areas of literacy and motor skill development. It uses entertaining rhymes and chants to create an integrated approach to learning. Four fundamental motor skills – run, catch, jump and kick – are covered.

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Wet Games
A Fun Approach to Teaching Swimming and Water Safety A Waterproof Handbook
Peter Meaney & Sarie Culka

Wet Games provides teachers with a collection of games and activities for participants of all ages and at all levels. It provides the chance to acquire and perfect swimming skills, and to develop techniques of rescue and survival. Activities range from simple games in ankle-deep water, to advanced procedures that simulate difficulties any swimmer may face from time to time. The importance of safety is emphasised throughout.

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About our Authors
Lee Anton-Hem

Lee Anton-Hem is a Physical Education specialist, lecturer, writer, consultant and an international speaker. Lee has more than 25 years experience and written three books on Physical Education. In 2008, Lee was awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning.

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